Mex is all about relationships. We do our best (and most enjoyable) work when we are able to engage with companies on a long-term basis. We are a small, professional team of experts with a genuine passion for marketing… but what makes us special is our ability as individuals to connect with your business and become a seamless part of your team. Of course this means the fit has to be right and once the relationship is established you can cost-effectively decide on the level of ongoing support you require – as and when you need it.

Who we are

We are B2B specialists

Our speciality is business-to-business marketing both in the UK and globally. We have a strong track record in the real estate and technology sectors but that’s not all we can do. We work to create powerful brands for all kinds of companies and deliver targeted communications through various channels.

We are not an agency

As consultants, we offer access to a range of experts in their fields – drawing in resources from a hand-picked network of partners who can deliver everything from PR to Design to SEO – all through a single point of contact. We can also work with your incumbent agencies or in-house design teams. We see the big picture to hold a complete view of all your marketing activities through various partners, to ensure consistency (and smooth running) throughout.

We are your Marketing Director

We work best with companies that need strategic direction and expertise, but might not have the in-house resources to deliver this themselves. We operate at board level and have global marketing experience,  meaning that we can provide you with all the benefits of a full-time Marketing Director without the full-time salary.

We are your Interim Marketing Support

Mex can provide interim marketing support too. So, if you need some experienced temporary cover for a one-off project, a senior pair of hands to lead and deliver a specific campaign, or some expertise to fill a gap in your team, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can help.

We are your Marketing Consultant

If you don’t know your analytics from your e-dm, we can guide you through them and help define the best ways to engage your target audience. Because we are hands-on, we can do more than just advise you – we can make it happen too. We are results-focussed but understand that it’s easy to drown in stats, so we report back in a meaningful way against the results you want to achieve.

We are your Marketing Team

Above all else, we are your marketing team. We believe in the benefits of long term relationships and to all intents and purposes we will become part of your company – so you can call on us just as you would a permanent employee.  As we get under the skin of your business, your brand and your values, you can trust us to make decisions knowing that we care just as much about your success as you do.

Meet the team


Suzie Ball

Managing Director

Operating at board level for numerous global organisations, Suzie is a specialist in business-to-business marketing with extensive knowledge and experience in the technology and technical real estate sectors.

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Cat Cookman

Marketing Consultant

With over 15 years of agency experience, Cat offers a very practical approach to marketing together with reliable advice and support to deliver all kinds of strategies from branding projects to digital initiatives and everything in between.

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Office Dog

Loyal and hardworking, Max heads up the security detail at Mex Towers and runs the company recycling scheme.


Mr Austin Brambles

Office Kitten

Creative free spirit, Mr B, has a keen interest in filing, shredding and stationery supplies.