We are your marketing team. We might not sit in your offices, be on your monthly payroll or work with you every day, but you can count on us to become as much a part of your business as you are. Mex is a specialist B2B marketing consultancy that provides hands-on marketing support. Whether you need help delivering a one-off campaign, an interim resource or ongoing marketing support at board level, Mex offers you all the expertise and dedication of a full-time marketing team without the full-time commitment or the associated costs.

Welcome to Mex

We are a specialist B2B marketing consultancy, providing hands-on marketing resources for companies that do not have the expertise, or capacity, in-house.

Strategic Thinking

We work very closely with our clients to devise and execute effective marketing strategies, based on an in-depth understanding of their business objectives.

Flexible Service

Whether you need interim marketing cover or ongoing support a few days a month, we offer a flexible service that can be scaled up or down according to your business needs.